Simplify Compliance

Business Risk Assessment

The AML360 business risk assessment has focused on simplifying processes and streamlining data outputs. A full data report, matrix and heat maps are provided. This is a solution for single business entities or corporate groups. View risk across the Group or drill down to branch level.

Customer Profiling

AML360 provides a profiling module, enabling the input of tailored data.

Businesses simply login to their account, enter the customer's UNIQUE ID and select relevant data from a drop-down list.

Profiling can be achieved in less than a minute.

Account Monitoring

AML360 enables transaction monitoring through an Excel upload.

The dashboard provides risk in two categories - transaction and customer profile.

Heat maps, drill down filters and data tables streamline monitoring.

PEPs and Sanctions

AML360 provides a Review and Monitor register where red flags and confirmed higher risk customers can be submitted for ongoing due diligence.

File notes can be entered and screen data emailed to back office or compliance personnel.

Geography Risk

Geography risk may be linked to a customer's residence, country of birth, business operations, place of incorporation or product distribution channels.

AML360 eliminates bulky data. File notes with key information save you time.

Reputable data sources, including FATF.

Case Management

Senior managers, Auditors and AML Supervisors must be able to understand how risk determinations were made and how risk management was achieved.

The AML360 dashboard includes a case management feature where actions can be set, a priority level assigned, along with a due date and file notes maintained.